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  • Repatriations
Death is an unexpected event, we do not know the moment nor the country where it will occur
The transfer of a body between countries requires a professional staff backed by adequate logistics
The process is divided into three stages:
We seek and inquire about the body and then prepare for it to be preserved for the transfer
This the process of identification, release of the body, family authorization, certificates, passport, translations, customs documents, health permits, approval, air waybill,
We prepare the body for shipping according to the requirements in each country, Airline ticket, Tracking and Delivery
G7 is the pioneering Latin American company in the export of funeral services, which has been the solution for many families, insurance companies, officials and embassies from and to Latin America to the world,
Some processes are complicated and this is where the specialized staff of G7 SQUAD acts to solve problems such as:
  • No one to identify the body
  • No family to authorize the burial process in the country where the death occurred
  • A Violent death
  • Conflictive or remote areas
  • No consulate
  • Lack of identification documents
  • Lack of international airports
G7 Mortuary Shipping has great advantages:
  • Experience
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Knowledge of the requirements of each country
  • Certified and unique funerary network
  • International payments system
  • Assistance 24/7
  • Legal advice
  • Report status in real time
  • Physical presence in Latin America and North America