U.S. Chemical & Funeral Supplies
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  • U.S. Chemical & Funeral Supplies
  • 300 N. E. 59th Street
    Miami, FL 33137
  • +1.305.757.6688
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  • uschemical@aol.com
  • www.hepburnsuperior.com
  • Books of condolence / Stationery - Cemetery and transport equipment - Cremation: installations, equipment and services - Embalming: equipment and products - Funeral and cemetery products - Funeral homes furnishings - Sanitary products - Urns
Hepburn Superior - US Chemical
A Funeral Home, Cemetery, and Crematory Supply Company

“Where Quality is Foremost & Value Essential”

The goal of Hepburn Superior U.S. Chemical is to have customers who can confidently recommend us to others.  We've learned it's just good business sense to keep our customers happy by providing the highest level of customer service. Anything you need for your business we have it.