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  • Grabkult
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    9241 Wernberg
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  • Architecture and design - Burial cells and vaults - Funeral and cemetery products - Funeral art - Marble and granite products - Urns
The urn column by GRABKULT is a modern burial system made of high quality materials and based on traditional principles. It consists of individual modules made of granite which together form a memorial. The urn is placed inside the hollow space of the column and is a memorial and casket in one. Each module is screwed to each other. This allows the extension of the urn column as desired. With the special foundation it allows both, either the burial of dissolvable or ordinary urns. Whilst the ordinary urn is lowered inside within an urn carrying net, the dissolvable urn is put to the bottom of the foundation within the burial system.  A minimal space and low maintenance is required. The column is protected by patent in the USA and Canada.