Scrigno del Cuore
Stand 527-620

  • Scrigno del Cuore
  • Via San Lorenzo, 11 - c/o Nucleo Ind.le Fossa
    67020 Fossa (AQ)
  • +39.0862.761579
  • +39.0862.755088
  • Caskets/Coffins - Urns
Scrigno del Cuore [Chest of the Heart] makes the new farewell ceremony.
Scrigno del Cuore has small carved hearts to be taken and kept in memory of the person who left us.
Scrigno del Cuore offers an unforgettable ceremony where participants feel the emotion and tangible reminder of the gift: a thought precious and unique, to be preserved forever.
Scrigno del Cuore, international patent 2011, has a simple and modern style that comes from the finest creative inspirations with unique cure and finishings.
Scrigno del Cuore allows funeral professionals to stand out among competitors.
Scrigno del Cuore partners with primary funeral directors in Italy and worldwide.