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Dean Jones is a professional film and television makeup artist with decades of experience in cosmetics and makeup effects.
With having worked on more than 80 feature films and more than 100 television episodes Dean’s inspiration comes from his own artistic and
entrepreneurial vision as well as being ignited by the many award-winning directors he has worked with over the years.
Jones has won two Emmy awards along with six nominations from the hit TV series “Star Trek – Deep Space Nine”. Jones earned his under graduate degree from UNC Greensboro with his focus in acting and directing. His extensive film credits include: Street Kings, Pirates of the Caribbean 2,3 and 4, Jarhead, Haunted House 1 and 2, The Call, Poseidon Adventure, Home of the Brave, Day of the Dead, and Neon Demon to name a few. Dean is also now directing feature films and is a member of the Los Angeles chapter of Directors Guild of America.
Through the art of makeup and makeup effects techniques Dean and his associates have developed revolutionary materials and techniques to aid in the cosmetic restoration procedures for embalmers across the world.
Developed by Emmy Award winning Hollywood Makeup Artists, Dean Jones has introduced cutting edge cosmetic technology for the restoration of normal and traumatized deceased human tissue. On a international scale Dean is now providing advanced training and education to embalmers and funeral directors with new and innovative techniques and materials to a achieve a much higher standard in the restoration process.
The product line is the only one of its kind. Dean Jones has formulated special cosmetics and materials which will now replace less desirable techniques and materials. These products will work for corrective and the most serious soft tissue injuries present on trauma cases. Deans products are essential to the professional embalmer’s ability to improve facial restoration and enhancement. Dean enables the embalmer to restore injuries with extremely stable products highly resistant to touching or manipulation during the viewing process. Dean advanced products can greatly aid the embalmer toward achieving a more acceptable and identifiable appearance of the deceased
therefore improving the viewing experience by the family and friends.
PMRC has been endorsed and developed with the cooperation, testing and assistance of two internationally leading post mortem restoration experts. Mr. Vernie R. Fountain, embalmer and founder of Fountain National Academy in Springfield Missouri and Mr. Glyn M. Tallon, owner of Tallon Mortuary Specialists in Ireland.