Stand 504

  • Labormarmo
  • Loc. Callipo - Zona Industriale
    88022 Acconia di Curinca (CZ)
  • +39.0968.78711
  • Artistic glass windows - Funeral art - Remembrance items
Labor Marmo is the only company in the world capable of creating colored sculptures and high reliefs on natural marble or glass from any digital image or photograph. Our unique and internationally patented 3D technology successfully conveys the customer’s desired sentiments in an image, transferring them to marble, granite, crystal and glass. With an incredible 3D effect, we create a strong emotional impact that is not only visual but tactile as well. Originating in Italy, this state-of-the-art technique is radically changing the funerary art sector. 
We produce headstones, portraits, icons and semi-finished works for monuments and chapels, along with coffin covers and even artistic glass made with cutting edge technologies, producing stunning antique results.